The primary objective of Montfruits Export S.L. is food safety, to which end we conduct exhaustive monitoring of the chemical and microbiological risks that exist, both in the field and in storage, using official laboratories certified by ISO/ICE 17025DAkkS and the International Accreditation Service, Inc. (IAS).

Our goal is to obtain fruit without generating waste through the integrated management of pests, the use of biopesticides, beneficial insects and even the controlled and restricted use of chemical products in occasional cases, applying a process of continuous improvement, supervising producers and supporting them technically, and monitoring the fruit in the field.

The environmental aspect drives us to minimize waste both in the field and in the warehouse in order to take care of our natural resources. In terms of working in the field, we make use of environmental dynamics to minimize waste, as well as efficient waste management both in the field and in the warehouse. In the warehouse, we work with the Green-Line product range (range of post-harvest products without phytosanitary treatments).

We also pay particular attention to Food Defence with the aim of controlling problems caused by third parties.