A producer organization is a group of fruit producers that join together to adjust their joint production and commercialization to the demands of the market.

Therefore, the organization plans its production to offer its customers a constant supply of fruit. Meanwhile, they work continuously to offer their fruit is new formats to meet the demands of the markets, such as clementines and oranges with leaves, for instance.

The Montfruits Export OFVP is comprised of 78 producers who grow stone fruit (cherry, peach, nectarine, Saturn peach and flat nectarine) and citrus fruit (clementine, tangerine and orange).The cultivated area spans approximately 700 hectares. The output is divided half and half between citrus fruits and stone fruits.

Our farmers and technicians work together to achieve high standards of quality while protecting our natural resources and minimizing the environmental impact (phytosanitary treatments, fertilizer contamination, etc.).